LinkedIn: Done for You


Brace yourself. We’re about to broach the exhilarating topic that is GDPR. Now, we’re sure you’ve had it ingrained in your brain for the past year or so, but it seems there is still a misconception that since the implementation in May 2018, business owners are faced with more problems than good. Especially if own a sales or marketing based company. The reoccurring question is this: who can we sell to how can we legally (and legitimately) contact potential prospects? 

The answer is simple. You can contact them IF they have clearly opted in to receive your marketing communications. It’s time to ditch the mass marketed emails, being sent to Tom, Dick & Harry. (If Harry opted in though, it’s a different story!) The GDPR regulations will see that your data list will decrease and whilst that is unfortunate, it’s not as unfortunate as the hefty fine the ICO will give if you fail to comply.


Inbound marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of alternate approaches to acquiring new business through marketing. The most popular being Social Media & Advertisements.  These types of digital marketing techniques are fundamental in creating brand exposure and even acquiring new business. 

The problematic thing about this is that it really is about luck. If your ideal customer finds you, great! Next you’re hoping that they’re interested in the service you provide. And then the game changer is whether they consider you as a potential new business to work with. Social Media posts & paid ads aren’t really a direct approach and in a normal circumstance, you wouldn’t leave potential business down to ‘chance’ or ‘luck’. 

So, how can you position your business to be within grasp for the right people. the people that you want to work with and feel you can add value to?


That’s right, you read it correctly. The answer for many is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is becoming B2B Businesses first port of call for acquiring new business and the reason for it is this: you can connect, target and promote your product/service to who you deem appropriate without facing the repercussion of an ICO investigation. Why? Because you’re within your right to do so! This platform is primarily focused on debuting your skill set and creating (and nurturing) relationships with like minded people in industries that you’re interested in – now this could be for people who you think could add value to your company, or ones that you think would be an ideal client. 


Ready for telemarketing success?