You’re already doing it!

It seems fairly obvious to state that by aligning sales and marketing you will increase the overall effectiveness of your business development efforts. However, all too often businesses approach a telemarketing campaign as a standalone project and while we can work on this basis, it’s important that you realise that the potential buyer does not.

Whether or not you intend to align your sales and marketing efforts your buyer will, without exception.

Before meeting with you, often before agreeing to meet with you, your prospective customer will experience your brand in any number of ways; maybe they’ll check out your website, seek assurance from online reviews, find you on LinkedIn, follow your business page on facebook, read an article you’ve written, understand your values by seeing what’ve commented on or liked etc. They will have formed an impression of you, your brand, the values of your business and potentially they will have decided how it would feel to be a customer.

It is quite often cited that around 80{51f913a6c08cfc8347d92e9355ed8c455db26b6434f24dfcd21caaa4bade44a7} of the buying decision has been made before you even get to meet with a potential new customer.

It follows therefore that to maximise the success of any campaign, it’s worth understanding the customer journey, the touch points and how the customer interacts with your brand. It’s possible that even a small tweak can have a significant effect on the success of your business development efforts.

Before we start working with our telemarketing clients we will spend time with the business and offer our expertise working through a simple process “How to maximise the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaign”.

During a campaign, our clients will judge our services by the quality of the service and appointments generated however ultimately the most important number is the conversion of these opportunities.

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