Our B2B Telemarketing Service: Frequently Asked Questions

B2B (business to business) telemarketing is sometimes confused with cold calling, which is often perceived those nuisance calls. Touchbusiness do not work with B2C (business to consumer ie ringing people at home) We are very selective about which businesses we work with to ensure there is a genuine legitimate reason to make contact. If we work with you, you will have a strong ethically, commercially beneficial proposition. We use a sophisticated friendly professional approach to achieve in the B2B environment.

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions to dispel a few myths with regard to B2B telemarketing.

Telemarketing is marketing implemented via the telephone with a targeted business as the receiver. Telemarketing covers a variety of areas including appointment setting & lead generation, market research, sales pa services, data services and inbound campaigns. Each area is designed to ensure that our client can have an opportunity to sell their product and/or service to another business. 

Telesales in generally about selling a product or service on behalf of a client (often known as cold calling) However,. the two are vastly different. Telemarketing is a means to build relationships with targeted businesses to ultimately allow our clients to go forth and pursue a sale/take advantage of a potential opportunity. At Touchbusiness, we open the doors for our clients to close. 

We understand that every client and their market is different which is why we sit down with you, review your objectives and goals and gain a full understanding of the demographic you wish to target. We work with trusted, quality data providers, all of our data suppliers are fully GDPR compliant. All our data is screened against CTPS/TPS we also maintain our own suppression lists to ensure that you met your obligations and we only contact relevant prospects. We are very sensitive to protecting your brand.

If you have an existing database we would happily work with you on this, we would consult with you regarding the provenance of your data and ensure that it’s is the most effective use of the time we spend. Often we will test different data sets to maximise ROI.

Telemarketing can be measured by results so you’ll always know your ROI from our work. In addition to fully qualified appointments, we will take the time to fully understand your sales cycle to ensure we deliver future value in the database, whether that is contract end dates, future opportunities, understanding procurement and supply selection.

Telemarketing can be used to perform several roles including:

  • Identifying key prospects
  • Setting appointments for the sales team.
  • Event support
  • Mailshot, event or advertisement follow-up
  • Identifying new sales opportunities or to “test” the market with new products or services
  • Raising brand awareness of a new service a company is launching
  • Surveying customers to minimize attrition and introduce other services or products
  • Critical communications.

Initially, no. We always charge per sales agent per day, following a successful pilot campaign we can sit down with our clients to look at the commercials, average order value, conversion rates, lead to sale timescales and ultimately ROI, if it works for both then we can discuss how we can introduce an element of commission into our service.

From a new database usually 20 days over a 6-8 week period gives our team the very best opportunity to show you the potential of telemarketing in your industry with your proposition. We continually review the effectiveness of the campaign and our approach and always have a mid campaign review to ensure you are completely satisfied by the progress and in the unlikely event that you don’t wish to continue we will never tie you in to completing the second phase. 

Touchbusiness have a sales PA service which is charged hourly. We will ask for a low minimum commitment to ensure that we can set up the campaign required and have a dedicated resource for you. See our services page for what our sales PA can do for you.

Of course, our friendly professional sales team are available for both outbound and inbound campaigns. You work hard to generate incoming leads, all too often incoming calls are not treated with the importance they deserve, inbound calls are already near the end of sales cycle so we ensure that these are treated like gold and work with you through to close and beyond. Clients that use us for inbound call handling have seen a significant increase in their conversions rates.

Telemarketing is often the most cost effective way to reach new prospects and gather valuable information about your products and services because it can reach a high volume of people without the cost of face-to-face meetings. It is usually much more effective than passive marketing channels like adverting and printed collateral, it is a rich form of communication and we’re able to gather information, provide relevant messages per prospect, tailor the information sent, adapt our message depending on the needs of the prospect.

Experience tells us that no single marketing initiative can do the whole job effectively. The best results are achieved when telemarketing is integrated with other marketing activities such as Social selling, Email marketing, PR activities or events. We can provide advise on a fully integrated marketing campaign. By fully understanding your sales cycle we can create a sales funnel for your business and ensure that there is a suitable message at every possible touch point and assist your prospects through the cycle to become customers.

No. We work alongside your organisation and fill in any camps between your sales team and the client. This could mean passing on leads to the sales team, or carrying out a specific campaign relating to upselling to existing clients. You can use a team like ours to support areas not covered by your sales team. Whatever your requirement, Touchbusiness work closely with your individual teams to ensure that key goals are coherent and are being met efficiently. 

Telemarketing is an efficient way to reach new clients and drive success for businesses. It’s a great way to build a foundation by building rapport with target businesses by gathering information to establish sales opportunities for our clients.

Ready for telemarketing success?