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For 15 years our core business has been B2B appointment setting and lead generation. There is no one size fits all approach to B2B telemarketing, we don’t generally differentiate between an Appointment setting campaign and a Lead generation campaign what we do however focus on is what’s important to you and how we can most effectively deliver you the strongest Return on your Investment.

Our in-house telemarketing team love to get feedback from our clients to hear about great appointments and new business wins. Ultimately that’s what is all about for you, you are growing your business, increasing your profits, for us we have deepened our partnership and continue to work with.

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Test it, prove it, scale it.

Like any successful marketing, B2B Appointment setting and lead generation done properly should cost the business nothing. In the first instance however we must prove the concept and tailor our campaigns to deliver the best Return On Investment for you then we scale. We will always advise our new clients start with a pilot campaign. We will learn from your experience and expertise in your market and add our wealth of experience in marketing and business development to get the pilot. A successful pilot will prove to us and our clients that the telemarketing activity will provide a positive ROI at which point we scale.

The Customer Journey:

It is so important that we understand your customer journey, before starting a campaign we will spend time with your business, work with you to map out your customer’s journey from a line of data that has potentially had no previous interaction with your brand, through each touch points, turning that line of data into a lead, nurturing that prospect until the time is right to set a fully qualified sales ready appointment. This is still just the start of the process, we can offer our support to assist you to turn that appointment into a client and ultimately an advocate for your business.

We initially began with a pilot and were so pleased with the volumes of leads and appointments generated

Market Research: Data Driven Decision Making

Whether you require validation of market positioning,  market insight, competitor analysis or simply understand how your customers feel about you, we are here to provide an accessible but intelligent service. At Touchbusiness, we recognise that companies change and so does the market they’re targeting and the environment in which they operate. Without intel, you are making decisions blindly. We can provide you with an in-depth service that ensures you have the intel your brand needs to succeed.

Whatever your requirement, we can produce a detailed analysis that gives you a full view of your business.

They put a lot of effort and expertise into knowing our business and market prior to beginning any campaign

Data Cleansing

As your business grows, your client list will grow with it. With the combination of existing data and future data, getting things generally incorrect, misspelling details or having duplicated data are easy mistakes to make. However, if they’re left, they can be of detriment to your business. 

Data cleansing can be a lengthy and tedious process that requires patience and focus that a lot of businesses just don’t have time to do. We understand that spending more time focusing on the more important areas of your business should take priority but, for the benefit of your business, data cleansing should never be disregarded.

We make it our aim to take control all all things cleansing leaving you rest assured that we’re confidently dealing with all your data issues in the most efficient and timely manner.  

We will:

Data Brokerage

As your partner, we get to understand your business inside and out and therefore have great insight into areas of potential growth for your business. Data acts as a significant part in the success of any campaign and ongoing sales and marketing strategy, which is why you must always ensure you firstly obtain the right data and secondly, use it in a complaint and effective manner. We will profile your data sets based on whatever variable required to focus your message as targeted as possible. We partner with Data providers that ensure your data is GDPR & PECR compliant, your data will be screened regularly against CTPS and TPS.​

Data Mining

We recognise how important it is to partake in regular data analysis. This gives businesses insight into whether there are any patterns within the list and thus creates more room for a business to thrive. With the results, businesses are able to recognise successes and practice these more often as well as identifying and mitigating any risks. Four stages of data mining:

Data Policy

The diagram shows the journey YOUR data makes when you are working with Touchbusiness Ltd. At every stage we ensure that our processes are GDPR and PECR compliant. Data storage, transfer and security are extremely important to Touchbusiness. GDPR is a HOT topic, every organisation needs to have an understanding of how they are affected and policies and procedures to ensure compliance however for B2B marketing we GDPR and Privacy as a positive. Any processes that we implement to ensure that the right message is being delivered to the right people will improve the return on your marketing spend and the effectiveness of our campaigns. For further details of our telemarketing services and how GDPR & PECR affects telemarketing and your ability to carry out B2B marketing we would be delighted to discuss further.

Touchbusiness helped to create a database and programme to create new business opportunities.

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