Critical success factors for telemarketing to work for your business.

Is there a market for your products and services?

This is a BIG question about your business and the market in which you operate, Let’s assume there is otherwise, hopefully, you wouldn’t be in this business!

Is your proposition attractive to your proposition?

At this stage only you know this. Does your current marketing work? when you are in front of qualified prospects, do you turn them into customers. Do you have a strong and appealing visual brand? Do you have a great reputation?

Is your brand Campaign Ready?

Doesn’t need to be a major overhaul we just need to ensure that we have the collateral in place to support the campaign.

If you’re about to invest in telemarketing, or any outbound marketing inviting potential customers to interact with your brand. Whether intentionally or not, your outbound telemarketing campaigns will be driving potential customers to your website to check you out. They will request information that you will send by post or by email, they might look at your social media profile. So let’s make sure you have the collateral in place to ensure that your online presence reflects your brand in a way your marketing responds to positively.


We think you’re in good hands when you work with touchbusiness. Everything we do is underpinned by our vast experience and expertise in both sales and marketing. We understand how to nurture your list and deliver the right message at the right time to maximise your ROI, enhance your brand reputation and build a winning future pipeline.


The money is in the follow up. Everything can be primed for success. You can have a great meeting, send an email to follow up, send a proposal then hear nothing. You will call a week or two later, nothing. You might try another couple of times but then get frustrated, they’re obviously not as interested as you thought during the meeting, they’re now just being rude! 

Yep, some people are just plain rude. Some people (although very few) are genuinely very very busy. More often than not, you’re just not ringing at the right time. We can only do so much for our clients. Sometimes our involvement stops when we send over the details and confirm the appointment or lead – the door is open for you to close. We prefer to have a continued involvement to nurture, follow up and continue to follow up until the business is won or lost. On average you will follow up a prospect 3 times before deciding they’re just rude, however a successful follow up can require up to 14 touch points.

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