If we were offering £20 notes for £10 then how many would you buy? Don’t over think it….. the answer should be ALL OF THEM!

We’re in the money printing business! Successful sales and marketing that gives you a positive return on the investment is exactly this. There a loads of clichés “only half of the marketing is working we just don’t know which half “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it” but it rings true, telemarketing campaigns are easily measured and if they don’t deliver a return then we wouldn’t expect our clients to (return that it is!)

OK. Maybe it’s not that simple… I asked some of the team today how many of my half price £20 notes they would take, after some head scratching and a load of questions, I concede there are some variables but in some ways the mistrust, objections and questions actually serve my analogy.


“I’ve only got £500 in my account so I’d buy 50” fantastic we advise all our clients to start small, we will do a pilot campaign to make sure that your market is responding to your proposition.


“I’d start with 5 to make sure that they worked fair enough, I guess there’s a couple of points here, it’s either the same as checking out the credibility of an offer and the company making that offer (see post: “Is your brand campaign ready”) or having taken the decision to test you are now proving the concept to see what the potential return will be ongoing.


“Can I buy 10 now then keep coming back for more, I’d double it every time?” Perfect! We ask our telemarketing clients to, Test it, Prove it and Scale it.

It’s not enough to just enjoy working with us, getting a great service and having some good conversation and appointments ultimately you need to see a return on your investment and after refining and tweaking you’re still not getting a return you must not continue.