No matter what industry you’re in or the kind of services you provide, you’re going to have to sell. The success of your business is dependent on how well you’re able to execute sales and marketing campaigns, and secure lead generation (no pressure) but we know how challenging it can be. Selling a business successfully is a skill that’s honed through experience and research but we understand that business owners are so busied by their daily tasks that they don’t have the time to refine their sales and marketing strategies. Don’t worry- our article gives you 5 tips that will boost the efficiency of your sales campaigns.

 1. Get Your Data Right

Regularly cleansing your data by removing/correcting the information in your database will enable you to target your sales pitches with much more specificity and precision. Not only will it help you understand your target market much more, it will also enable you to profile your best customers which will highlight what kind of people are responding positively to your services. Time is money and you don’t want to do something that’s going to waste time that can be better spent on other elements of your business. Cleansing your data will highlight what target market you should be going after: what’s worth your time and what isn’t. This will help you pitch the right product to the right market, at the right price and at the right time.

 2. Manage Your Prospects in a CRM System

Utilising a CRM system will allow you to manage, monitor and analyse your customer interactions and data, helping you improve client relationships and how you liaise with them. Using a CRM system is a very useful way of organising information about your customers; using this information, you can add more depth to your sales and marketing campaigns.

 3. Position Yourselves as Leaders in Your Marketplace

Most businesses face tough competition, especially if they’re small businesses and startups. Establishing your own place in a competitive marketplace is challenging but there’ll be things that are unique to your business. Researching your market will cast a spotlight on what sets you apart from your competitors, giving you USP’s to incorporate into your sales techniques.

4. Professional Marketing Collateral

Branding is one of the most vital elements of establishing and ensuring the continuity of a business. Marketing collateral is a key aspect of this as it serves as supporting material that backs up your sales message. This material can be anything from brochures to stationery and is designed in alignment with the company’s core values and personality, helping maintain brand consistency across all channels.

5. Follow Up Your Calls

Did you know that 80{51f913a6c08cfc8347d92e9355ed8c455db26b6434f24dfcd21caaa4bade44a7} of sales people give up after 1 follow up? Interestingly, research has proven that it can take more than 5 calls following an initial meeting to secure the business deal. This demonstrates the importance of tenacity but it’s important to determine what’s worth chasing and what isn’t.


Following our advice will help improve your campaigns but if you want to save money, recruiting an outsourced sales and marketing team is a sensible choice. Contact us now to enquire about our lead generation services; we’re here to help your business thrive by curating a campaign that’s designed to secure sales leads.