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FAQ: Everything you need to know about telemarketing!

OUR B2B TELEMARKETING SERVICE: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS B2B (business to business) telemarketing is sometimes confused with cold calling, which is often perceived those nuisance calls. Touchbusiness do not work with B2C (business to

Return or Don’t!

RETURN, OR DON’T! If we were offering £20 notes for £10 then how many would you buy? Don’t over think it….. the answer should be ALL OF THEM! We’re in the money printing

Ready for a successful telemarketing campaign

READY FOR A SUCCESFUL TELEMARKETING CAMPAIGN? Critical success factors for telemarketing to work for your business. Is there a market for your products and services? This is a BIG question about your business

How to recruit the best sales people

HOW TO RECRUIT THEBEST SALES PEOPLE A TOUCHBUSINESS GUIDE TO EMPLOYEMENT SUCCESS Sales in an ever-changing, hard and competitive industry and whilst there certainly is a niche for it, many businesses fall short

Top 5 Sales & Marketing Tips

OUR 5 TOP SALES & MARKETING TIPS TOUCHBUSINESS INSIGHT No matter what industry you’re in or the kind of services you provide, you’re going to have to sell. The success of your business